DF LAT (DeepForest LiDAR Analysis Tool) はドローン搭載型のレーザーで取得した点群データから詳細な地形図や樹冠高データなど、森林解析用のデータ生成を行うソフトウェアです。

 DF LATはレーザーデータのLASファイル(.las)から、地面と植生を検出し、数値地形モデル(DTM, Digital Terrain Model)、数値表層モデル(DSM, Digital Surface Model)、樹冠高モデル(CHM, Canopy Height Model)を解像度5cmで自動作成します。これにより林内の作業道や微地形なども捉えた高解像度な地形図や、木を1本1本を判別できる高解像度の樹冠高モデルを取得することができます。

 作成したデータは森林解析用ソフトウェアのDF Scannerと併用することで、各樹木個体の検出、樹種識別、そして個体ごとの樹高や材積等の推定が可能になります。

DF LAT (DeepForest LiDAR Analysis Tool) is software designed to generate data for forest analysis, including detailed topographic maps and canopy height data, from point cloud data obtained by drone-mounted LiDAR technology.

DF LAT takes LAS files from laser data and automatically detects ground and vegetation, creating high-resolution data at a 5cm resolution, including a Digital Terrain Model (DTM), Digital Surface Model (DSM), and Canopy Height Model (CHM). This allows for obtaining high-resolution topographic maps that capture forest trails and micro-terrain features and high-resolution canopy height models that can distinguish individual trees.

The data generated by DF LAT can be used in conjunction with the forest analysis software DF Scanner, enabling the detection of individual trees, tree species identification, and estimation of tree height and timber volume for each tree.


・地面部検出 / ground detection


The software can also automatically detect the ground beneath the trees from the laser data obtained by the drone, allowing for a comprehensive analysis of the forest, including the ground beneath the trees.



・手動フィルタリング / manual filtering


You can draw lines on the screen to create cross-sectional views, which can be viewed in a separate window. This feature allows you to manually remove points from the point cloud data as needed.



By drawing a line at the location where you want to view a cross-section, a separate window will display the cross-sectional part. You can use the mouse scroll to view cross-sections of adjacent areas.


You can delete point cloud data from the upper and lower parts of the line in the cross-sectional view using mouse operations.


・DSM・DTM・CHM作成 / creation of raster  data



 作成したDTM等はDF LAT上で段彩図として描画することが可能であり、削除しきれていないノイズの確認などを行うことができます。

It is possible to create DSM, DTM, and CHM in geotiff format (.tif) from the original point cloud data and ground point cloud data.

You can choose the output resolution as well as whether to perform point cloud interpolation during DTM creation. The default resolution is set to 5cm.

The DTM and other data created can be visualized as shaded relief maps in DF LAT, allowing you to check for any remaining noise or anomalies.