DF Viewer

DF Viewer

DF ViewerはドローンデータやDF Scannerで解析したデータを描画する為の無料のGISソフトウェアです。

DF Viewer is free GIS software designed for visualizing drone data and data analyzed with DF Scanner.


・データ描画 / data visualization



You can visualize data with file extensions such as raster data (.tif) and shapefiles (.shp).

Shapefiles can be displayed with color-coding based on attribute information.


・統計情報の確認 / checking statistical information


これら描画機能はDF Scannerにも実装されています。

By selecting a specific area, you can calculate statistical information from analyzed data, including the number of trees for each species, average sizes, total timber volume, and more.

These visualization and statistical features are also implemented in DF Scanner.